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Let yourself  be taken through a harmony dream with our massages and hydromassages, our beauty&relax and fitness&wellness offers

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Put yourselves into the hands of our qualified beauticians, available for you in the Beauty&Relax Lounge of the Hotel. It is the occasion to re-find yourselves and start again with renewed beauty and sparkling energy.




Thermal mud mask, 30 min.

Delicate mask geared to specific skin types, with beneficial properties that lead to a fresh and luminous face.

€ 38

"Awakening of the senses" treatment, 45 min.

Deep cleaning and exfoliation of purifying extracts

€ 62

Eye contour treatment with vegetal melatonin, 50 min.

Dedicated to an extremely delicate area for both men and women, this treatment helps eliminate or reduce fine lines, restoring tone and adding a sparkle to your eyes.

€ 62

 Revitalizing vegetal melatonin treatment, 55 min.

It gives vital energy to tired skins and brightness to younger skins
€ 69

Ribes nigrum face treatment, 50 min.

Soothing and oxygenating treatment based on Ribes Nigrum extract, effective in reactivating microcirculation in the face and containing powerful anti-ageing components.

€ 67

Rasveratrol based oxygenating treatment, 50 min. - SPECIAL FOR MAN

Rich with anti-oxidants, gives your skin brightness and tone.

€ 67

Ultra-moisturizing treatment with hyaluronic acid and Malpighia Glabra, 50 min.

It gives new splendor to your face, it reconstructs hydrolipidic film, it protects and softens your skin.

€ 67

Illuminating and enlightening treatment with passion flower hydroxy acids, 55 min.

It regenerates and enlightens your skin.

€ 67

Bio-lift treatment with Tetrapeptide-9 and hibiscus, 55 min

It activates the skin structure by compacting it.
€ 69




Alpine herbal wrap, 30 min.

The application of bandages dipped in toning and anticellulite essential oils stimulate the circulation, alleviating swelling and heaviness and improving the tone of the legs.

€ 40

Body scrub with thermal salts, 45 min.

Exfoliating and re-oxidative, made of thermal salts particles and vegetal butter.

€ 53

Beauty and thermal wellness for your body, 50 min.

An exclusive and pleasant hydromassage and light massage with essential oils.

€ 59

Bio-stimulating body treatment with vegetable melatonin, 50 min.

Antioxidant total body.

€ 65

Shaping and toning up treatment with green tea, 50 min.

Intensive programme, it purifies, tonifies and firms your body tissues.

€ 65

Slimming and deflating treatment with vegetal muds - body and legs, 50 min.

For the best lightness, thanks to specific bio-active contained in vegetable muds.

€ 65

Ultra-moisturizing treatment “morning dew”, 50 min.

Based on oat, rose, raspberry and orchid extracts

€ 62

Emotional aesthetic treatments - aroma scrub and short massage, 50 min.

A sensation which envelops body and mind, of your choice between:

  • Scrub-pack and short chocolate massage
  • Scrub-pack and short green apple massage

€ 59

Ribes nigrum body treatment, 50 min.

Based on black currant of the valleys of Trentino with its precious antioxidant and vessel-protecting qualities
€ 65
Detoxifying body treatment with thalasso and algae, 50 min. - SPECIAL FOR MAN

From the sea the algae’s active principl
 € 65




Let's cuddle (for two) – 55 min.

Sparkling whirlpool bath and relaxing massage with aromatic oil

€ 99 per couple

Romantic (for two) – 30 min.

Very sweet couple massage with aromatic oils

 € 72 per couple




Partial or full-body massage, 25 min / 50 min.

Performed with classic techniques, this massage, which works primarily on the muscles, relaxes the muscle fibres and improves movement, causing a sensation of complete well-being. A particularly effective massage if performed after a spa treatment.

€ 38/ € 58

Draining massage, 25 min. / 50 min.

Rhythmic and delicate movements, based on the Vooder and Leduc methods, work on the lymphatic circulation, helping to eliminate lymphatic and water retention.

€ 42 / € 65

Plantar reflexology, 25 min.

Pleasant pressure with the fingertips on the feet stimulates the immune system and eliminates toxins.

€ 38

Stone therapy, 50 min.

A multisensory technique performed with 54 lavic stones of different temperatures positioned on the body.
The treatment provides a relaxing, detoxifying and energizing action.

€ 65

Regenerating mountain massage, 50 min.

This type of massage uses hot oils that are rich in the active ingredients found in alpine herbs and that promote the release of muscular tension, leaving a deep sense of serenity. The skin is luminous and oxygenated, as after a mountain walk.

€ 63

California antistress massage, 50 min.

The definitive antistress massage that soothes muscular tension, reactivates the vitality of breathing and has a beneficial effect on mental activity. Good for anyone who is subject to stress, anxiety, insomnia or lack of energy.

€ 63

Cellulitis massage, 50 min.

A massage that integrates and derives synergy from various massage techniques from the Russian school to treat the unsightliness of cellulite.

€ 63

Candle massage, 50 min.

Massage with vegetal butter of cosmetical candles.

€ 65

Hot tampons with alpin herbs massage, 50 min.

Massage with oils and bags of hot balsamic herbs.
€ 65
Sounds bath, 50 min.

Harmonizing massage with tibetan bells.
€ 65




Scrub and nourishing bath with paraffin

Thanks to the application of paraffin, and its hydrating and emollient active ingredients, these treatments soften, smooth and hydrate the skin of the hands and feet.

€ 38

Manicure with transparent nail polish

€ 38

Pedicure with transparent nail polish

€ 45

Additional coloured nail polish

€ 3

Partial depilation
Total depilation
Eyebrow depilation
Upper lip depilation

€ 35
€ 49
€ 15
€ 15


HYDROMASSAGE - Pleasant baths matched with chromotherapy (25.min)


White musk bath                                                                                                                                

€ 37 singolo/
€ 55 in coppia

Mountain pine bath

€ 37 singolo/
€ 55 in coppia


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