The amount of overweight people is growing up. Medical literature, in its recent studies,
confirms how genetics plays only a marginal role in this condition: eating habits and
lifestyle have a strong impact on the phenomenon.

During this week, qualified medical staff, a metabolic fitness operator and light food,
fangotherapy and balneotherapy will guide you towards the achievement of the right equilibrium
between calorie intake and expenditure of energy in order to reach your ideal weight and a full
psychphisical wellbeing.

The package includes a 7 nights stay on full board and the following services:

  • Initial medical visit
  • Nutritional medical history
  • Bioelectrical impendance analysis
  • Anthropometric measurements
  • Daily meetings with medical staff
  • Diet: control of the calorie intake
  • 6 fango-balneotherapeutic treatments with sulphate-arsenical ferruginous water
  • Detoxifying-draining or firming-toning-up path selected on the basis of medical advice
  • Fitness programme

At the end of the stay you will be given the exits of your exams and a medical prescription
to be followed at home. On demand, with an additional charge, as an ideal completion of
the “Check your weight” week programme, we suggest:

Homoeopathic pain management therapy
Psychological approach to overweightness
Food intolerance test

From 980 euro 7 nights per person

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