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Doctor Justina Christiana Claudatus

During the cycle of cures at our thermal centre in our hotel you will be entrusted to the experience ad competence of Doctor JustinaClaudatus, a surgeon specialized in dermatology and psychotherapy.

The professional and formative path of Doctor Claudatus starts in 1983, with her Medicine and Surgery degree at the University of Bari, and continues with the specialization in Dermatology and Venereology. In the course of her career she takes part in courses, congresses and workshops, keeping herself updated and informed on the last developments in the medical field and showing a high interest and a particular inclination for psychotherapy and the new frontiers of alternative medicine.

Among the formative and professionalizing courses she followed there is a Master’s program in Neuro-linguistic Programming and Hypnosis (1999, France), a Master’s program in Symbolic modelling (2000, London) and a Master’s program in Psychosomatic Medicine (2004, Rome).

Among the specializations of Doctor Claudatus we’d like to underline some formative courses of Short Psychotherapies based on strategic approach, completion courses in Kinesiology and Thetahealing and the attainment of the qualifying Diploma of Olodanza (global dance) and specializing Diploma in Homeopathy and Homotoxicology and integrated disciplines.

In 2011 the Doctor takes part in the international workshop on Schema Therapy for personality disorders and borderline disorder, and she is still carrying on with her formation attending the school of Functional Organometry and carrying out research activity in the experimentation of a new therapeutic approach to vitiligo.

Most of the career of Doctor Claudatus has developed in the Nephrology ward at the clinic Santa Rita, in Bari, where she works from 1983 to 2010 as dermatology consultant and medical help in nephrology. Since 1983 she runs a private studio, where she carries out activity related to clinical dermatology, dermosurgery, psycho-somatic approach, aesthetical and psychotherapeutic medicine. In parallel she teaches to specializing students and nurses.

After a course of pediatric and senior cosmetics and thermal cosmetics, since 2012 Doctor Claudatus works as a dermatologic consultant and psychotherapist at the thermal center of Imperial Grand Hotel in Levico.

The medical staff is coordinated by the Sanitary Director, Doctor PatriziaManica, among whose main duties there are the approval of the cure standards and the definition of the schedule and ways of admission to thermal treatments.

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