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se who carry out treatments or guests of nationalities other than Italian, please address to your National Health System or to your private health insurance to learn about the access to our spa at the expense of the above mentioned institutions or insurances.


For arthro-rheumatic diseases:
  • 12 mud baths, 12 therapeutic baths or 12 mud baths with cleaning shower

For dermatological and arthro-rheumatic diseases:
  • 12 mineral baths

For respiratory diseases:
  • 12 inhaling + aerosol sessions

On Sunday our thermal centre in Levico is closed




Single treatment

6 therapies cycle

10 therapies cycle

12 therapies cycle

Medical visit of admission

40 €




Medical visit with diet advice and bioelectrical impedance analysis

80 €




Mud with therapeutic bath

40 €

216 €

352 €

408 €

Mud with cleaning shower

32 €

172 €

282 €

326 €

Arsenical-ferruginous bath

28 €

144 €

234 €

255 €


16,50 €

90 €

145 €

156 €


16,50 €

90 €

145 €

156 €

Total massage (50')

58 €

297 €

484 €

561 €

Partial massage  (25')

40 €

198 €

308 €

357 €

Draining massage (25')

42 €




Draining massage (50')

65 €




Shiatsu (50')

72 €






Avoid to ingest milk or derived (yogurt, cheese, creams, etc) at breakfast, which will have to precede the thermal treatment of at least two hours
At breakfast a calorie intake (fruit jams or honey) is still recommendable, with coffee or tea.
During the therapy it is opportune to increase the intake of liquids and mineral salt with natural water, tea, juice, fresh fruit and vegetables
During the therapy it is useful to carry out a balanced and regular physical activity
Sun exposure will have to be moderate, and the exposure during the hottest hours (from 12 to 15pm) will have to be avoided
We suggest to avoid mud and bath-therapy during menstrual flow. In case it comes during the therapy it is better to suspend the treatment for 2 or 3 days
In order to facilitate the assimilation of the thermal minerals it is better to limit the daily hygiene and the usage of soap and cleaner as much as possible
From the 4th to the 7th bath it is possible to be affected by weakness, worsening of the basic symptoms, depression, insomnia, fever and pressure jump. Such symptomatology, known as thermal reaction, is absolutely benign and will disappear with the temporal suspension of the treatment and one or two days of rest
After mud-bath-therapy we suggest to relax for about 20 minutes in the specific spaces in order to complete the “reaction phase”
At the end of the therapy, before going out, it is better to relax within the thermal building, in order to readapt to the external environment avoiding sudden temperature leaps
In order to respect the hygiene, of the self and of the others, the clothing (slippers, bathing suits, towelling robe) must be clean and utilized exclusively for your thermal therapy
In the room area and within the relax area silence is appreciated  

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